Jul 14 2016

A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Congratulations and well done to class three and four for their amazing performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You were all fantastic! Here are some of photos…

DSC04310 DSC04286 DSC04289 DSC04280 DSC04282 DSC04265 DSC04264 DSC04185 DSC04188 DSC04189 DSC04190 DSC04211

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Jun 26 2016

Arlington Court Cross Country!

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This week, key stage 2 competed in the cross country at Arlington Court alongside other small schools.

DSC03835 DSC03838 DSC03839 DSC03849 DSC03864 DSC03874 DSC03882 DSC03898 DSC03908 DSC03936 DSC03937 DSC03944

It was a fantastic, sunny day and the children competed brilliantly! Well done Goodleigh!

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Jun 21 2016

William Shakespeare

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As part of our topic this half term, we have been learning lots about William Shakespeare and his amazing plays.

We used books, computers and videos to learn more about Shakespeare’s life and worked creativity to create a fantastic timeline!









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Jun 13 2016


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In science this week we have been learning about magnets. The pupils found that only iron and steel seemed to be attracted to magnets. Other metals like aluminium are not magnetic. We investigated how the ends of magnets behave – the pupils found out that magnets have two ends, north and south. North repels north and south repels south. But north and south are attracted to each other. We listened to this crazy science song:

The pupils built some amazing structure that hung one magnet upon another magnet. They made sure that the magnets were repelling. This made the magnet on the string swing around in an amazing way.

P6080284 P6080285 P6080286 P6080288 P6080289 P6080290 P6080291 P6080292 P6080293 P6080294 P6080295 P6080296




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Jun 11 2016

Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday!

This week we have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday. We created pop-up books inspired by her majesty and had a fantastic garden party!


First, we explored different pop up books and shared our likes and dislikes.

DSC03713 DSC03717

Next, we looked closely at how each pop-up worked and explored making our own prototypes. This helped us practice and learn from mistakes.


We thought carefully about our designs and how to create our pages.

DSC03725 DSC03727 DSC03728 DSC03730

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a garden party, sang happy birthday to the Queen and enjoyed cucumber sandwiches and birthday cake.

DSC03731 DSC03733 DSC03737

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Jun 11 2016

Tarka Tennis Competition

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Well done to the year 2 children who took part in the Tarka Tennis competition!



They played brilliantly and enjoyed taking part!

DSC03687 DSC03684

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Jun 08 2016

Easy Peasy Pea Challenge!

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WWF Plant2Plate campaign!

We recieved pea seeds from the World Wildilfe Fund (WWF) and were very excited to plant them!

DSC03389 DSC03392  DSC03401 DSC03416



We have been looking after them, helping them grow and measuring the changes! Keep a look out for the children’s updates!

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May 24 2016

Sports Day

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Well done for another fantastic Sports Day Goodleigh!

DSC02509 DSC02549

Everyone took part and worked briliantly in their teams!


DSC03605 DSC03597

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May 12 2016

Rock and Rapid residential!

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This week year 3/4 have enjoyed an exciting residential at Rock and Rapid.

We were welcomed by our instructors then were introduced to our bunk house and started our first activity – team building games!


After this our next activity was the balcony jump and bouldering!



The bouldering caves had big soft mats so we could climb without a harness!



We got butterflies in our tummies when we jumped off the balcony but it was super fun and we wanted to do it over and over again!





We enjoyed a BBQ for dinner then we needed to work in our teams to create a team name, colour, logo and chant or song. We presented these in our groups which was great fun!


After that we enjoyed a hot chocolate before bed.



On the next day, we got up early and enjoyed a breakfast before our next activities – abseiling and the climbing wall!





We learnt about the importance of being safe and how to use the equipment correctly.





After lunch we were presented with super certificates! We also took photos in our groups with our instructors.



The children will be blogging about our great residential which will be fantastic to read! Keep checking the blog for this.


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May 10 2016

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We have been learning about measure in maths this week.

Using different equipment such as tape measures, metre sticks and rulers, we measured different parts of the playground.


Then we recorded the measurements and converted them into metres, centimetres or millimetres.


We needed to use our knowledge of place value to help us do this.

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