May 23 2017


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Today we are learning about earthworms. Post your worm facts here!

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May 22 2017


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Fabulous team and individual performances at the Ilfracombe Aquathlon.

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May 11 2017

Electrical fruit and veg!

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May 10 2017

Rainbow Pizzas

We had a fantastic time making pizzas today! We worked together in groups to make our pizza bases by mixing flour, yeast, salt, oil and water.

Then we choose our ingredients to make a colourful rainbow on our pizzas.

Next we chopped all the ingredients, rolled out the pizza base and laid out our ingredients. Then to finish, we grated cheese over the top.

The pizzas were cooked for 10 minutes before we got to taste them. They tasted fantastic!

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May 08 2017

Allotment Trail!

Today, we enjoyed a fantastic day exploring allotments in Goodleigh. Firstly, we went to a farm where potatoes were growing. We helped paint sunflower seeds and saw lots of different animals which help produce food such as bees, chickens, geese, ducks, goats as well as a turkey.

Next, we visited a garden with a range of foods growing including berries, lettuces, spinach, grapes, herbs and much more! We completed a quiz to find out more about what grew in the garden. Mrs Gibbon showed us her bee hive and help us learn about how the bees create yummy honey. Next, we got to see some eggs which had been laid by the chickens and some newly hatched ducklings which was very exciting!

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May 02 2017

Sowing and Growing by Molly

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In our class we have been planting plants.

Our Sow and Grow Plants!

The sow and grow company sent us some pots and seeds. The seeds were the choice of baby carrots,cress and runner beans.  I planted baby carrots and tomatoes but the tomatoes are in another pot. Only two children planted runner beans.

Grow Your Own!

We also planted tomatoes. Everyone planted tomatoes.My tomatoes have already started producing shoots.

It is all growing very tall!

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May 01 2017

RNLI Lifeguard Visit

This week, the RNLI lifeguards visited us to teach us about how to be safe on the beaches and when in the sea! We learnt about how to see if the ocean is safe to swim in. We also learnt about the different flags and the areas they are used for. At the end of the talk, we got to see the lifeguard trucks which are used on our beaches, this was very exciting!

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Apr 28 2017

My plants by Mia

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Today I planted tomatoes, sunflowers and baby carrots. They haven’t grown yet but I’m watering them every day so that they can grow. The company for the baby carrots are called Sow and Grow.

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Apr 27 2017

Organisms in our local environment

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Apr 27 2017

Sow and Grow!

This week, we have been excited to plant some seeds to grow some amazing foods and plants! We have planted runner beans, cress, baby carrots, strawberries and sun flowers!

All of us are going to work hard to look after our plants to help them grow!

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