Mar 07 2018

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Oct 05 2017

Cross Country

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Well done to everyone for the great support and great running at Pilton yesterday!


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Sep 28 2017


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Class 3 have been looking at electricity. Today they investigated which materials are conductors and insulators and they made some amazing circuits.

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Jul 19 2017

Robin Hood!

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Year 2 and 3 performed brilliantly in the performance of Robin Hood last week! Well done to all the children, they sang and performed fantastically!

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Jul 18 2017

Our Exciting Woodland Day!

Today, we had a fantastic woodland day to celebrate the end of our topic of ‘Into the Woods’. First we went into Coombe Woods as Robin Hood’s outlaws ready to solve some mysterious clues. We worked in teams to navigate around the woodland, solve riddles, answer questions, read maps and use a compass.

After our woodland hunt, we enjoyed lunch on the Willow Bank and were very excited for our afternoon!

We made bows and arrows just like Robin Hood, learnt how to light a fire and created targets to practice our bow and arrow shooting!

To end our fantastic day, we enjoyed making and cooking pancakes on the fire – they were very yummy!


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Jul 05 2017

Religion, Family and Community!

As part of our RE topic this half-term, we have been learning about communities. We have explored our local church and worked together to create guides to help people learn more about the church. As part of our topic, We have also explored other religious communities such as Islam and explored different places of worship.

We learnt about mosques and had a virtual tour inside a mosque so we could see the features inside. We learnt lots of different features and created our own mini mosques. It was great to work as a team about label the mosque with all the features we had learnt.

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Jun 26 2017

Exploring Woodlands at Arlington!

We enjoyed visiting Arlington Court to learn more about our local woodlands. First, we took part in a workshop where we learnt about many different trees and took part in a investigation to match different leaves to the correct tree.

Next we played a game to help us learn about the parts of a tree. We all became important parts of the tree and had to help make it grow and stay strong and safe.

After lunch, we explored the grounds of Arlington Court; we found many different tress and habitats. What a great day it was!

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Jun 15 2017

Sports Day!

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The children had a brilliant time at Sports Day yesterday. They all worked well within their teams by supporting and encouraging each other.

Here are some photos of the children taking part in the different activities:

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Jun 12 2017

Skern Lodge!

The children had a fantastic time at Skern Lodge this weekend! They took part in activities such as surfing, body boarding, crabbing, rafting, high ropes, kayaking, an assault course and tunneling.

During the weekend, they showed determination, resilience, confidence and sportsmanship! Thank you to Skern Lodge-what an amazing residential it was!

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Jun 08 2017

Arlington Cross Country

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Great running from everyone!


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