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Dec 13 2015

Olive and the Dream Train

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  On Friday we watched the amazing performance ‘Olive and the Dream Train’ by Theatre Alibi. Here is a description of the play from their website: A rollercoaster ride through the mind‑boggling mysteries of everyday life… Olive’s always daydreaming. She daydreams about what’s going on inside her cat’s head, or about that weird picture above […]

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Dec 11 2015

Christmas cakes

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We have been very excited to make our christmas cakes this year. We followed a fruit cake recipe and mixed all the ingredients. Next the cakes were baked and we covered them in marzipan and icing.. After that we decorated our cakes using lots of interesting designs, sprinkles and edible glitter.  

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Dec 11 2015

Victorian dioramas

This half term in design and technology we have designed and made a room for a famous Victorian person using an electrical circuit. We investigated different kinds of lights and learned about different ways of making circuits. We included lots of detail in our rooms by creating wallpaper, carpets and furniture. Here are some of […]

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Dec 09 2015

KS2 performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’

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We performed our own adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ based on the novel by Charles Dickens. Here we are before the performance. Here are some photographs of us during the performance:

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Dec 03 2015


In English, we have been learning about different types of poetry. We explored a rap poem called ‘Gran can you Rap?’ by Jack Ousby. We worked in groups to learn a part of the poem and perform it using expression and actions. We also recorded our performances which will be added the the blog soon.

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Dec 02 2015

An Investigation into Heat Insulation

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The pupils all carried out an investigation to find out which materials were best at keeping water warm. They made sure that they were doing a fair test by keeping the water temperature and the water amount the same at the start of each experiment.

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