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Jan 23 2016

Soils and Worms!

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We have been learning about soils and how they are formed. We worked out that soils are made up of lots of different things: dead animals and plants, sand and clay. We realised that worms are really important in making soils as they help to miss all of the different layers. We set up some […]

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Jan 20 2016

Rosemoor Gardens

Feeling excited, we¬†travelled to Rosemoor for our trip to learn more about natural colours and rocks and soils. Firstly, we met John and he told as lots of information about rocks and soils. We explored different types of rock and made soil soup! The discussion was interesting and we asked John lots of questions. Next, […]

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Jan 16 2016

Aboriginal Art

    In art, we are learning about Australian aboriginal art. To introduce our topic we explored aboriginal symbols and created a collaborative piece based on the journey of a Kangaroo. We created earthy tones and used tools to create dots as well as our fingers to create different patterns. During the project we will […]

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Jan 13 2016

London Gatwick to Australia!

  Today we got some exciting news. Our research about continents and Australia was really helpful for our pilot so our flight to Australia was no longer delayed. We checked in at the airport, recieved our boarding passes and seat numbers ready for our flight!   It was exciting to set off on our long […]

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Jan 12 2016


Our new topic this half term is the continent: Australia! First we needed to help the pilot of our flight to Australia learn more about the continents around the world. We researched information using computers, atlases and books. Next we designed passports ready for our journey. We had to make sure we were not smiling […]

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