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Feb 29 2016


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Like Anthony Browne, many artists use drawing games as a starting point for their artwork. Surreal artists played a game they called Heads, Bodies and Legs. Today we worked together to create our own fantastic, creative and unusual designs! If you want to create your own, here are the steps: First you need to fold […]

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Feb 27 2016

Anthony Browne

This week we have been learning about the author and illustrator Anthony Browne. We explored his books together and shared our likes and dislikes. We noticed lots of unusual and imaginative things hidden in the illustrations.

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Feb 25 2016

Imagine If…

Our exciting next topic is called: We will be exploring fantasy stories, the author Anthony Browne and his surreal illustrations as well as creating our own surreal inspired art work! What could you imagine…?

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Feb 10 2016

For Holly

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Hello Holly, using your fraction learning from last week try this problem: This may be tricky but be resilient and try your best! Use this fraction wall to help you. Nrich Pizza Portions   My friends and I love pizza. This is great because we always know what kind of food to make. There is […]

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Feb 09 2016

Aboriginal art

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Today we created our fantastic final pieces for our aboriginal art project. First we created our own paints using different coloured soils, PVA glue and water. After experimenting in our sketchbooks and creating final designs using aboriginal symbols, we painted our designs onto bark using natural materials and paint brushes. Here are some of our […]

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Feb 07 2016


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In maths, we have been learning about fractions. We worked together to make our own fraction walls which helped us learn more about the size of different fractions. Then we compared fractions using resources and explored different equivalents. We also explored decimals and made connections between fractions and decimals.

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Feb 03 2016


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In music this term, we have been learning to play the Ukulele. First we learnt about the parts of the ukulele, how to hold the instrument and how to strum. This was challenging but we worked hard to remember these important skills. Next we learnt the C chord and how to play the song Animal […]

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Feb 02 2016

Tarka Tennis

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The year 4s took part in a Tarka Tennis event this week. They joined in a range of skill based activities such as forehand and backhand passing, footwork skills, rally games and beat the teacher. They all working brilliantly together and enjoyed the event.

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