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Apr 26 2016

A walk around Ilfracombe!

We visited the coastal town of Ilfracombe today to learn more about the local coastline and wildlife found in and around the area. First we visited Tunnels Beach!┬áMiners carved the incredible tunnels into the cliff face to get to the beaches on the other side. The tunnels are 40 metres in length. It took an […]

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Apr 22 2016

Coastal erosion

Today we investigated coastal erosion by creating our own coastlines. We used soil, sand, rocks and clay to explore how the sea can erode the coast and cliffs. We found out that the waves from the ocean are created by wind and crash against the cliffs, over time the waves create an under-cut in the […]

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Apr 20 2016

Tarka Tennnis!

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Today year 2 took part in a tennis festival at Tarka Tennis. It was very exciting to see the large courts and other schools there. We practiced lots of different skills such as forehand and backhand passing, footwork skills, races and rally games.

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Apr 19 2016

Visit from the RNLI!

Yesterday the RNLI came to visit us. We learnt lots about how to be safe in the sea and on the beach. We dressed up as lifeguards and learnt about what they use to help us keep safe on the beach.

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Apr 11 2016

Shell Art

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Our topic this half term is called: We started by exploring different shells found on the coast and experimented with charcoal to create observational drawings. We explored the contour of the shell by drawing around them. Next we created rubbings and different marks to represent the texture of each shell. After that, we used the […]

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