Mar 02 2017

Electric Circuits

Published by under Science

The pupils made some great series circuits today. They learnt about electrical safety and watched the Dexter Duck video!  

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Dec 11 2015

Victorian dioramas

This half term in design and technology we have designed and made a room for a famous Victorian person using an electrical circuit. We investigated different kinds of lights and learned about different ways of making circuits. We included lots of detail in our rooms by creating wallpaper, carpets and furniture. Here are some of […]

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Nov 09 2015

Circuit Training

Published by under Sports

This half term in P.E we are focusing on circuit training. We started by completing warm up activities and talked about the importance of warming up before any exercise. Next we explored each circuit station activity and got into small groups. Our circuit stations included activities such as speed bounces, star jumps, spotty dogs, ball […]

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