Feb 09 2016

Aboriginal art

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Today we created our fantastic final pieces for our aboriginal art project. First we created our own paints using different coloured soils, PVA glue and water. After experimenting in our sketchbooks and creating final designs using aboriginal symbols, we painted our designs onto bark using natural materials and paint brushes. Here are some of our […]

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Jan 16 2016

Aboriginal Art

    In art, we are learning about Australian aboriginal art. To introduce our topic we explored aboriginal symbols and created a collaborative piece based on the journey of a Kangaroo. We created earthy tones and used tools to create dots as well as our fingers to create different patterns. During the project we will […]

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Sep 18 2015


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We have been learning about lots of different Victorian inventors. This week we sketched portraits of an inventor we found interesting. We thought carefully about the shape of the head and the┬áposition of the eyes, nose and mouth. We worked hard to look at each persons facial qualities and used line to create texture. Finally […]

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